Laem Phromthep (Phuket)

Laem Phromthep (Phuket)


  Laem Phromthep (Phuket)

Many people must have heard of the name “Phromthep Cave” (or LaemPhromthep) both from radio or from television. It is a strikingly excellent viewpoint located in the southernmost part of Phuket. Villagers call it “Laem Chao”(or Chao Cape). Phromthep cape is 2 kilometers away from Hat Rawai beach. It receives wide popularity among Thai and foreign visitors. During the dusk, trekkers will come to see the sunset before the golden horizon fades away with the giant sun. Especially, the place will be more crowded with tourists during the end of December to the end of March.



Phromthep Cape, called by villagers as ‘Laem Chao’, is the second southernmost cape of Phuket Island. From the cliff edge, there are rows of sugar palm trees lined up on the slope down to the sharp end of the cape, where visitors can stroll along while appreciating the shimmering emerald-green sea. From the cape, travellers can enjoy the sight of KohKiaow in front of them, and the beach line of Hat NaiHarn beach on the right. Looking a little further, “Kanchanapisek Lighthouse of LaemPhromthep” stands tall, surrounded by oriental sapphire sea, and beaches. It was built in honor of HM the king’s 50th Anniversary of Accession to the throne. The tower is 9 meter wide, 50 feet tall, with a giant lantern easily seen from distance—39 kilometers away. Travellers can visit inside which exhibits history of the lighthouse construction, standard time keeping methods, calculation of sunrise time, and its display. The top of the building is a ‘panoramic’ viewpoint, which will leave every visitor with everlastingly impressive memory as well.

How to get there :
By Car
To travel to Phromthep cape, drive from Phuket town along Highway no. 4027. Pass Hat Rawai beach, and keep going straight on Highway no.4233. It takes around nearly 600 meters to reach the destination. The path is quite steep, trekkers must keep driving up the hill. It takes a short while before reaching the open-space parking lot for Phromthep cape visitors.

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