Koh Phayam (Trang)

Koh Phayam (Trang)


  Koh Phayam (Trang)

The big boat fell down as it moved closer to the island, covered with lush green trees. Sunlight at noon to shine bright blue. All in a cheerful voice greeting guests.

The crystal-clear sea breeze blows when the boat dock at Maamie Bay. Passengers boarded from the boat to the stretched concrete bridge. Head to the land with signs. Koh Phayam is welcome. This area is the center of the island of 35 square kilometers. Include restaurants, rice, noodles, a la carte, miscellaneous shops. Tourist Information Center And motorcycle rental The only vehicle that runs on the island. In the price of 200-250 baht per day. 

A small road about 3 meters wide enough for a motorbike park to start here. Cut through the bay community. Before reaching the junction into Khao Khwai Bay to Ao Yai. To see nature and experience a wonderful ecosystem. Both mangrove forests, rainforest beaches with various species of plants and local orchids. More than 50 species of birds and monkeys butterflies around the island in addition to sea animals. Then there are dolphins and otter frequented the greetings. This route is also an interesting agricultural tourism. Both coconut plantation, rubber plantation and the most prominent of Koh Phayam is "Koai" or cashew. Which is famous for the sweet flag of Ranong. Come here, you will learn the steps before the famous cashew nuts, from the plantation to the burnt incense, which is a delicious aroma tips is the use of traditional firewood.


With the road not cut through every beach. Watching the island with a longtail boat is another fun option. In fact, the point at which the island is called "Ao Phai" on the northern end of the east coast is "White Rock" before reaching "Maamie Bay", which is the center. All Buddhists often start the island tour with a magnificent statue of Buddha at Wat Phayam. The bridge leads to the cathedral that plunges into the sea. Away from the bay to the south of the bay south of "Pearl Bay" on the opposite side of Muk Island is "Koh Kham" villagers called Whale Island. Because the water is reduced to a large sand dune connecting the two islands to the "Khao Khwai" with a wide stretch of sandy beaches like buffalo over 4 kilometers down south through the Lang end "Big bay"

The origins of the community on Koh Phayam are due to the foresight and wisdom of Phraya Damrongsrijit Mahisornpakdee (Nguay Jiang). To found a village at Koh Payam. To prevent the invasion of British possession of Burma. Currently, evidence is available at Laem Lang, Ao Yai, Koh Phayam. The first villagers came from Koh Samui. Today, the population is about 500.



Hot air farewell from mid-May. When rain rains on Koh Phayam until mid October. Before you let the cold winds spell to lull until February. And change to another summer war. Rotate this way by the way of nature. Create an atmosphere of fascination in various emotions to Koh Phayam.




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