Phang Nga with 4 landmark you may not know

Phang Nga with 4 landmark you may not know

 Phang Nga with 4 landmark you may not know 


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    Phang Nga Province One of the provinces. People think of the beautiful sea. Atmosphere Many people may know that only Similan Island, Nop Kao, etc. Today I recommend to visit. Many people may not know. Before going to Phang Nga. Do not forget to get ready to travel.

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 Surf at Khao Lak



   Khao Lak is one of the beautiful seas. And is quiet Can play the sea fully. They can also surf the water, or "SURF" who has never played before. Or no device At the shop in Khao Lak, it also has a lending service and teaching as well.



  Nature walks at Little Amazon



    If you call this name is not familiar with it. If you call another 'Little Amazons' familiar, I say. If it is not familiar again. Singles will explain the beauty of this place, listen to Little Amazons is a small canal. Who wants to go. Will have to paddle long. One row of rowing staff will take you along the river. The two sides are filled with green trees. Tonsai is over a hundred years old. The highlight is the snake. I came to greet the guests to come face to face with me. The Green Snake Snake Snakes, Snake Snakes, and many other snakes. Birds and other reptiles. Have a look at it. Trade only 100 baht per round only.



 Photography at the Iron Bridge At the entrance of Takua Pa



    Who likes to like beautiful photos, I recommend it here. On either side of the road, you will see a green meadow along both sides. Previously it was a route to the mineral wool in the past. Who has taken a photo. The atmosphere is full of green on both sides. Have a little buffalo The big picture to be with the Hipster line like you do not forget to come.



 Takua Pa


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    Takua Pa Previously a famous shopping center in the south. But now it is just one district in Phang Nga. The houses are designed with Sino-Portuguese architecture to be active only during the vegetarian festival. Who wants to come here a lot. In order to get back to bustle again. :)



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