Ranong on a comfortable day. According to Chill style

Ranong on a comfortable day. According to Chill style

Ranong on a comfortable day. According to Chill style 

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   'Ranong'  Old vintage style city Filled with nature. The way of life of the people in the community is very simple. And full of charm of the tradition that has long been inherited. Anyone who wants to live a life with rich and pure nature in a busy day, 'Ranong' will be a vacation place that will not let you down! If so, do not wait ... We go to see it better than that Ranong will have to go to Chill.




 Street Art

At the wall of the house of the candle hundred years, Muang Ranong.

  Anyone who loves art on the wall must not miss! The wall of the house candlestick hundred years. Born of Painting Faculty, Faculty of Fine Arts Rajamangala University of Technology Rattanakosin College of mechanics Come together to create a mural. By linking the former home of Tianjin Come out to get to know the history of Ranong. House of candles. It is a historical attraction. And as a source of learning the culture of the community that tourists can learn here.



 Mountain grass

Ranong, Petchkasem Road. Opposite Ngao Waterfall

  Mountain grass or mountain bald mountain is not very high. Can walk up comfortably. When you reach the top, you can see the view from that angle. It also connects to other nearby mountains as well. Because he is mostly bald. Let us walk up to the view. This grass mountain is not caused by burning or invading the forest anyhow. The grass and small trees are up there. It's all natural. It is a miracle that is rare in Thailand. This bald mountain is about 13 kilometers from the municipality. You can use the car to drive Chill out, it is not difficult.


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 Rattana Rangsarn Throne Hall

T. Niwet, A. Muang, Ranong, Ranong

  “Rattana Rangsarn Throne Hall” The palace was built to commemorate the residence of Ranong King of 3, King Rama 5, King Rama VI and King Rama VII is a palace built with teak and wood. Inside are exhibits such as King Chulalongkorn's Chulalongkorn Room, Queen Room, octagonal building, And bridges linking buildings with octagonal buildings, etc.


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 Raksavarin Hot Spring

Bangrin District, Muang Ranong, Ranong

  Traveling tired to try onion on Ranong would be a good choice, not less. "Raksavarin Hot Spring" Onsen of Ranong. Is a natural hot spring There are 3 ponds: ponds, ponds, ponds and ponds. Each pond will have a temperature of about 65 degrees Celsius, containing various minerals that are beneficial to the body. And no sulfur additives. Nowadays, there are several ponds that have been rebuilt. We can go to soak feet to reduce fatigue from the day trip as well. And for those who are tempted to immerse themselves. Here, there is a dip in the natural surroundings to soak up the richness. Similar to Japan anyway.


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 Ranong Canyon

Ranong town, Muang Ranong province is about 3 km from the Temple of Orange Beach about 15 km from the city.

  I'll chill and I need to chill to the extreme! End the trip with a seat. "Ranong Canyon" from an old mine that now becomes a large green emerald lagoon. Surrounded by rocky mountains with quaint shapes. With the lush greenery around. Another not to miss really! Or if one comes in the morning, it may be the phenomenon of morning mist. Caused by the dehydration of trees in that area.


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"Ranong" It is a city that is quite cute. Because of the attractions here. It is called all kinds of style, whether it is the sea, mountains, hot springs, Grand Canyon, or even the old town with its own unique. For those who do not know how long this holiday will go. Book a plane ticket and then come to Ranong adventure better!



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