Kui Buri National Park

Kui Buri National Park

 Kui Buri National Park 

“Visit the forest, which has been called a safari of Thailand.”

  Kui Buri National Park The main source of water of the river Kuiburi. And Pranburi River to nourish the life of the people in Prachuap Khiri Khan. Most of the area is mountainous. And there are many wildlife species such as red bull, bison, chamois, leopard, leopard, leopard, especially "wild elephant"

Source: Supol Jitvijak/WWF Greater Mekong


But by the way, the forest was invaded and destroyed into a pineapple farm. So elephants have to eat pineapple in the villagers instead. Create anger for the villagers It became a conflict of people with wild elephants in those days....

“...Wild elephants should be in the jungle. Just to make the forest food enough elephants. Practice is Go to elephant food in the jungle as a small plot and distribute the wild elephants to the forest. Must provide security with wild elephants...” King Bhumibol Adulyadej's speech on the management of human conflict with wild elephants. And he suggested to solve problems for the villagers. With the return of the forest to recover naturally. It is important to create a water source for wild elephants, wild animals, artificial turtles Growing fodder And water sources of animals

Source: Island Info, Koh Samui Inside ARKbar Beach Resort


Makes Kuiburi National Park become "Kui Buri model" successful in the coexistence of people and animals. Without any problems. It became a major natural tourist attraction of the South. In June - July, it is a period of rain. There is not much water. The forest is also very fertile. Because before that the rain will fall down to the forest is lush green. It is best to come to Kuiburi National Park at this time.


 Map of Kuiburi National Park 



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