Taling Ngam Beach @Koh Samui

Taling Ngam Beach @Koh Samui

Taling Ngam Beach

 To view the most beautiful sunsets in the island.


Taling Ngam Beach Located in the southwest of the island. Traveling from the airport for about 45 minutes and about 40 minutes from Chaweng Beach is a quiet beach. The beach is known for being the most beautiful sunsets on the island. The front of the beach is home to five of the island's four islands. In time, the sun will be visible image of the sun between the two islands. And sinks into the sea. This is a very beautiful picture (Do not forget to bring a camera to take pictures).



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Taling Ngam Beach in the evening so full of tourists, both foreigners and thousands of Thailand. During lunch You can also rent a boat for a trip to the island four - five. Snorkeling Alternatively, relax with a fishing also.!



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How To Travel : Highway 4170 off the ring road. Enough to drive to separate the elephants, arch. Turn off the beach road. The junction at Km. 4, 7 km or 12 km through the intersection at Thong Krut Bay, then back up to Taling Ngam Beach as well.


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