Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood (Krabi)

Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood (Krabi)

 Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood (Krabi)

         Seafood romantic atmosphere on the high bar, Ao Nang. With a delicious menu from chef to show the process of cooking the open kitchen. The views here are fantastic weekend. Because of the restaurant overlooking the sea, Krabi beautifully. Especially during sunset is magnificent that fascinate me most.

    Recommended dishes : Crab, roasted pepper, salt, spicy salmon, hermit crab soup, seafood and friendly.


Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood Krabi


  According to The tasting Spice Village Grill Seafood Krabi

  • Address : 89 Moo 3 Tambon Ao Nang dry canal road building in Krabi.
  • Opening hours : 11:00 to 22:00 hrs.
  • Phone : 075-661-588, 084-849-0001


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