Tha Pom Klong Song Nam (Krabi)

Tha Pom Klong Song Nam (Krabi)

  Tha Pom Klong Song Nam  (Krabi)

       Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, lies at. He Swifts. Muang sweatshops in charge of the treatment. He is a research ecologist Anil to learn. The integrity of nature in terms of both the groundwater and vegetation that can grow both in water and on land. Klong River with special effects Of ecosystems during the late 12th to the late 5th waning sea boosted up which villagers in the area known as the "big water" to the sea. High driven deep into the pavilion Tha Pom Klong water and mix with freshwater canal in Khlong Tha Pom become brackish water with a blue icon. But the opaque

It was not long after that the water was going down and replaced with fresh water, clear visibility to the green, which is caused by the stream of origin. He calcium carbonate from limestone, which is equipped with features to capture sediment and suspended solids to sink when water flows over limestone. The substance is dissolved, mixed with slurry flows to the sink to catch the water in the backwater canal boats Tha Pom, add cold water to see the fish and underwater plant life.


Tha Pom Klong Song Nam


       When fresh water is clear, sparkling in the sun. Rao will deliver sparkling crystal It is the ideal walking posture most fortified by some under the water is beautiful with fresh green plant underwater visibility. The resemblances are Some also see the right eye with a fish that swims. Pike River flows slowly The beauty of both fresh water and brackish water can be. See the beauty in the nature of the treatment. He made a circle around the sky at a distance of 700 meters, in addition to two water canals. Wild Tha Pom is a natural choice for the three forests. Walking trails Nature without wading into the overgrown jungle whatsoever.


Tha Pom Klong Song Nam


       Forest kind of look like that if I walk in the woods trail Tha Pom is not difficult to observe. Each type of forest It features vary by. Mangrove forests are seen as a first point before. Access routes Nature Trail This is the root of The hero of the mangrove forest. Rapid action to show up on a limb. When moved to the right on the bridge about 20 meters, you will see the freshwater swamp forests are rare in Tha Pom mangrove swamp look different from typical. Don is a swamp on the water does not flood. Like other forest But he does not accidentally walk into the swamp into a mindset.

Because the soil is wet, that does not look much deeper. But if it came down to sink to the half time which should not be walking the charm of swamp vegetation on the bridge for the best performance. Of Tha Pom mangrove would be nothing more than a small set (Wong GUTTIFERAE) medium-sized trees. With roots shaped cutouts Is a root that looked like his head was bent, folded emerge from the ground up to about 20 cm.. Quaint look of the swamp walk through the atmosphere pleasant. It goes into the atmosphere of a tropical rain forest, the nature of this observation is not difficult, because two years ago, it was a wild, wild trees are very small and sparse. But you can feel the rain forest in the shade of a tree. Sky filled with large trees.


Tha Pom Klong Song Nam


       The charm of Tha Pom is another. I looked everywhere for a root canal along the riverbank by the roots of many trees. Sector to adapt With roots sticking up breathing. Pruning in turn, chewing on a curve is straining to look beautiful to look at the roots of trees are very common. Is seen to be inevitable roots of apple juice which tree species Yes, it has its roots in a charming but when apple juice flowering it attractive not because the flowers of apple juice with a bouquet of short stamens white. small fuzzy fluff that beauty is not quite light when fertilized by pink flowers floating in water fall river View sway. It is very spectacular and their roots in that it is the retention of good people to swim. The Taos. He indigo. Some open to tourists to swim swim. You have to follow the rules strictly. For those who want to experience the Natural wonders of the forest Tha Pom in a sense different from walking on the bridge can canoe tours. Tha Pom Klong Song of the Water and Forest have.


Tha Pom Klong Song Nam


In addition to the wild rapids at Tha Pom also like yellow mustard is one of the wonders of nature by yellow rock is due. Shale reacts with air until a yellow rocks in the river. Called the forest This fort has a natural harbor that invites marveled. Many think that is one thing that makes the forest Tha Pom continued. The magic to this day, because the story of the legendary Philosopher's forest area.


Tha Pom Klong Song Nam


In the past, dating back more than 130 years ago when forest lands Tha Pom is a terrible mystery that no one dared to venture into. But "a fortress", "a sterile" and "said Musume" the courageous pioneer in magic has come and live in the forest, which Tha Pom residents coming generations. He said that often found. Crocodile white appearance is always in swampy forests of Tha Pom them. The white alligator is believed that the preservation of the forest land shall remain. The abundance former residents not to swim in. Monday and Tuesday will be decisive because they believe in a miracle.


Tha Pom Klong Song Nam


The community also live stream the trail out to fish in the sea from the past to the present time most of them will come back to shore. With a full-body fish This shows that water. The bar is still plenty more on the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Ceded wild Tha Pom. Tourism is one of Unseen Thailand, it has been frequented by wild Tha Pom Klong Tha Pom is not lack of water, two water canals can visit all year round. Should visit at low tide the water is very clear.


  More details

  • Admission

Thailand's five adult children 10 baht baht.
Foreign adults, children 50 baht to 30 baht.

  • Rents canoes

THB 700 baht per day, 100 per hour.

  • Contact

  SAO. He Anil Tel. 0 7569 4198, 07 569 4165.
  Tourism Coordination Center Krabi Tel. 0 7562 2163.


  Travel Tha Pom Klong Song Nam.

         From Krabi town along Highway 4 to the district HQ of about 22 km on the home field. The left is labeled I went to the woods Tha Pom Klong Song Nam, turn left and go approximately 5 km you will reach the parking lot. With the right hand palm up parking cars, vans, pick-up 20 baht to 100 baht bus, motorcycle, bicycle 10 baht.


  Travel Map Tha Pom Klong Song Nam.



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