Than Sadet Waterfall (Surat Thani)

Than Sadet Waterfall (Surat Thani)

 Than Sadet Waterfall (Surat Thani)

This waterfall is a famous waterfall. And is widely known among the investigators. Tour a long time ago in the parish house under. Can be reached by both boat and car, but if the ship entered Glacier Bay went on to find beauty. Mountain rocks with strange shapes. And sandy white as silver. When the boat went not far to go to a flowing stream. There are many recent clashes rock noise as the speed of the current.

Than Sadet Waterfall (Surat Thani)


When walking up the river to find a rock under a tree. The stone m None engraved monogram the marketplace. The marketplace. Tr Pr., Who has written it when he came here in Lahore. Waterfall waterfall tours, unlike other reason, though. This waterfall is flowing from the mountain glaciers falling intermittently. The condition of the rapids Each stone is ideal for travelers who are now retiring. Recreation, leisure as well.

Than Sadet Waterfall (Surat Thani) Than Sadet Waterfall (Surat Thani)

Travel Can be reached by boat and by car during the months of October to January. Unable to take the boat to the waterfall. And if by car Will have a big car you can be reached. If a page The journey will be difficult for rain Because of the way through a ramp. The steep and high mountains Travel must be extra careful.


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