Khaomchin Mae Ting Restaurant (Phuket)

Khaomchin Mae Ting Restaurant (Phuket)


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  Khaomchin Mae Ting Restaurant (Phuket)

Khaomchin Mae Ting Restaurant A noodle shop shop shop again in Phuket. With co-authors say that trip to Phuket to try this noodle shop. Near the hotel where we stay. We stayed at the Pavilion Hotel. As the morning went out to eat noodles. The restaurant is on the streets of Satun's not difficult to find clear signs it. Author eat at ten o'clock already. He came to stand for a while, why do not we pathetic people. He stood for a moment to realize that he is a self-serving.


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That it came just before two discs noodles for 25 baht and 30 baht, then pour the water lap at leisure. The liquid detergent together eight types of curry, fish curry crab soup liquid detergent wild meat curry chicken curry, beef kidney, sweet chili sauce. Curry pastes Phuket or immersing water for quenching Yum.  Author stood aimed deep. What's the solution here. Final selection of reagents and reagent Phuket crab meat curry. The pig came to try the taste, however. This label is guaranteed to be delicious, too.


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Enough water was already difficult to sit at the table. A variety of green vegetables eaten Jing Jang-style salted fish to eat with it. There is also a boiled egg, fried chicken, too. Unfortunately, the author late Curry Fried chicken out. If anyone is going to eat this morning recommended to eat a lot. Overall, the authors like Puna concentrated liquid detergent, then good taste salty Phuket has put the shallots with it. Eat delicious noodles taste good too. If anyone Phuket try to eat well.


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