Bangla Road (Phuket)

Bangla Road (Phuket)


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  Bangla Road (Phuket)

The nightlife of Phuket
Bangla Road in Phuket night life is the most active of the region on the same night, the streets of Bangkok or Pattaya drinks served to you all night. Bangla, Patong Beach, lunch will be enough buses running normally. But on Sunset Boulevard will be closed from shops and entertainment to begin. Those who seek the thrill of carnival nightlife of Phuket. Here is where you are headed.



Almost all of the entertainment on Bangla Road. The building will be planted next to each other and to a bar, a pub along the way. Shout out your pacemaker music from various girls dance for you to see. You can walk around your shop to your preference. And this is the unique atmosphere of Bangla Road area.


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