Phra That Sa-Wee (Chumphon)

Phra That Sa-Wee (Chumphon)


 Phra That Sa-Wee (Chumphon)

Phra That Sa-Wee is an ancient temple of Sa-Wee District. There is an important archeological site called “Phra That Sa-Wee” which enshrined the Lord Buddha’s relics inside. It is the ancient site that the local people pay respect to as the sacred place of the town. In the Songkran Festival, there is the Clothes Parade to Wrap Phra That Sa-Wee being held annually.

Its architecture is that of the overturned bell shape which is similar to that of the Phra That ChediNakorn Si Thammarat but in a smaller size. It was built in the AyudhayaEra and was covered by the Chedi with its square base. At all of the angles lie imitate Chedi which are in the shape of golden bell witha drop of dew at the top of them. It is the 18-meter-high Chedi which was built for about 700 years. Nowadays the chedi has been renovated that the body of the chedi is covered by mosaic tiles in the same shape as it was. Moreover, the glass wall is built around the chedi. The front of it, next to the Sa-Wee River stands the shrine called “the PraSeuMeung” in which lies a person statue in the exact size of people.



According to documentaries and folklores, legend has it that about 1803 B.E. after the end of the battle between Ayodhya army leading by ThaoPichaiThepreungpawa (Thao U-Thong or Prince Chaisan) and Prince Sri Thammasokaraj. Prince Sri Thammasokaraj led the army back to the Nakorn Si Thammarat. While they took a rest at a deserted ancient temple in the area of which the present Sa-Wee District is, a lot of broken Chedi were noticed and a herd of crow flapping their wings and making loud noise on the groups of bricks leading to annoyance for the soldiers and the chiefs. As a result, Prince Sri Thammasokaraj demanded the soldiers to chase them away; however, the crow did not fly anywhere else, they were still flying around the group of bricks. Moreover, the way they flapped and loudly sang were strange for him, he also saw a white crow including in the herd. So he asked the soldier to pull down the group of bricks, then the golden casket was found which contained the Lord Buddha’s relics inside. Prince Sri Thammasokaraj demanded his army to reestablish the Chedi completely and place the relics in the chedi again. He ordered the holding celebrating event lasting for 7 days and 7 nights and named the chedi that “the Phra That of Wings of Kawi”

These days, WatPhra That Sa-Wee (Sa-Wee Temple) is patented as the archeological site of the nation and is considered as the ancient site of Chumporn Province.



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