Guide Book: Issue08 "7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi"

Guide Book: Issue08 "7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi"



       Krabi… A real paradise of travelers, especially the ones who love diving under the sea world. This travel guide book brings you all important information deep down to the seas in Thailand with 7 wonderful islands in Krabi for diving activities. As one of the famous “Unseen Thailand”, it is guaranteed to be beautiful in seascape with famous restaurants and hotels right next to the beach. Check it out all interesting information on this Guide Book Issue8 – 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi 


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


         Krabi... is a province of mountains, sand beaches, seaside and a number of islands which are in the top rank of most beautiful places in Thailand. It is not only the interesting place where attracts people from all around the world but also the place full of the unique culture, courtesy and lifestyle of local people including Thai foods which make ‘Krabi’ be one of the travelling destinations for spending great weekends as always. 

         The most famous activity in Krabi is ‘diving’, exclusively for the ones who loves underwater world since Krabi is enclosed with both places for snorkeling and scuba diving. Moreover, rock-climbing at Railay beach and kayaking along the gulf are also well-known.   


  Krabi International Airport  International Airport under the Department of Civil Aviation is available for both Thai and foreigner passengers coming to relax and travel in Krabi Province and other provinces nearby.

  Climate  -  The average temperature is approximate 25 – 35 Celsius which the area climate is not as hot in summer and not as cold in winter.
  High-Season  -  The tourism season in Krabi covers all over the year. However, the best time to visit Krabi starts from November to the beginning of May since the storming season is during June to October.

   City Transportation

  • various tourist attractions can be conveniently reached by local white shuttle service (as known as Songthaew), operates from 07:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Moreover, the transfer around Krabi city is provided by local red shuttle service with price from 15 – 25 Baht.

   Transportation Bangkok – Krabi 

  • Car   :  Travel along Highway 4, passing Phetchaburi – Prachuap Khiri Khan – Chumphon – Ranong – Phang-nga, to Krabi. 
    Can reserve rental car online  Click here
  • Plane  :  Select the domestic flight directly from Donmuang International Airport (DMK) to Krabi International Airport (KBV), which takes 1 hour and 10 minutes approximately,
  • Bus  :  The bus from Bangkok’s Southern Bus Terminal to Krabi is everyday available and takes approximately 11 - 12 hours.
  • Train  :  Depart from Bangkok Railway Station (as known as Hua Lamphong Station) to the nearest train station named Tung Song, Nakhon Sri Thammarat province. Then, the transfer by road is required to get into Krabi.

   Piers in Krabi 

  • Saladan Pier 
  • Ao Railay (in front of Sand Sea Resort) 
  • Chao Fah Pier 
  • Klong Jilad Pier 
  • Kong Ka Pier 
  • Krabi Pier
  • Nopparat Thara Pier
  • Tonsai Pier
  • Ao Laem Tong (*only long-tailed boat is allowed)
  • Ao Nang Pier 


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


   What to bring when traveling to "Krabi"

  • Suitcase  – Day Outfit (1), Sandal, Towel, Bath & Shower Set, Hangover Pill, Anti-Mosquito repellent, Zip-lock bag 
  • Handbag – Camera , Sun glasses , Sunbathing sheet (2), Pocket book , Mobile phone** , Cables , Wallet , Suntan & Sunblock *, Power Bank**
  • Scuba Diving Bag – Bikini , Waterproof Diving Bag, Waterproof Protective Case for Mobile /Camera


*(1) For chilling in day time e.g., Bikini, Shirt, Short, Maxi Dress
​  (2) Sunbathing Sheet, choose a colorful one. You can tie it around your waist to create a nice skirt or cover you up.


*Liquids must be under 100 milliliters so that can be brought on a plane.  
**A Power bank is not allowed to load on the plane. You 


***Download AOT Application in IOS system and Android today Click here!     


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


  7 Paradise Islands

  Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park

  Shopping & Entertainment

  Popular Restaurants


  1. Saladan Pier
  2. Ao Railay
  3. Chao Fah Pier
  4. Klong Jilad Pier
  5. Kong Ka Pier
  6. Nopparat Thara Pier
  7. Tonsai Pier
  8. Ao Laem Tong
  9. Krabi Pier
  10. Ao Nang Pier 



Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


   7 Paradise Islands

  • Hong Island  or ‘Ko Lao Bile’ is the island with beautiful landscape, enclosed with the deep blue sea and coral all along the island. The point of interest is at ‘Ao Pile’, beach with the shape of flying bird, white smooth sand, clear emerald sea and schooling fish. Furthermore, it is one of the top ten best island in tourism attraction and cleanliness for kayaking and snorkeling activities. Hong Island Read more...
  • Bamboo Island  a small island in the middle of the sea, located in the area of ​​Nopparat Thara National Park - Phi Phi Islands. The atmosphere is very calm with clear water and beautiful coral reefs. This island is the Ideal place for snorkeling and experiencing the beauty of the underwater world. The ideal month to visit this island starts from November to April of each year  Bamboo Island Read more...
    Tips: Travelers who would like to sleep overnight on the bamboo island. Please contact the tourism service center on the island, but you have to bring along some food and drink.

  • Rok Island  dual islands connected to Trang Sea. A set of two small islands features long beach with Soft sand. The atmosphere is quiet and romantic. Under the Sea is full of coral abundance that is the habitat of the clownfish and anemones. At the Scenic Area of Rok Island is the place where man can visualize a bay curved like a horseshoe suitable for being Sunset view spot. Rok Island Read more...
  • Chicken Island  one of the three islands creates sand dunes or 'separated sea'. The main feature is on the stone shaped like a chicken neck and snorkeling spots on the back of the island and then go by a roundabout route to the front of the island to see the separated sea.  Chicken Island Read more...
  • Pot Island - Tup Island  two small islands linked together during low tide seen as the white dunes, one of Unseen Thailand. This island is a place for docking the long-tailed boat and a tourist speedboat too.  Pot Island - Tup Island Read more...
  • Poda Island  is a beautiful big island and a highlight of the Krabi Sea ever. This island features Soft white sand and clear blue sea and is a Perfect place for vacation and swimming rather than for snorkeling. Including major events like walking along the sea during low tide of the day. Poda Island Read more...


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


   Popular Destinations   "Unseen Thailand"

  • Emerald Pool  a beautiful pond in the heart of the forest filled with crystal clear turquoise water changing the color according to the time of the day and lighting conditions caused by stream of warm water as three hot ponds (Emerald Pool - Glass Pool - Blue Pool) with temperatures around 30-50 degrees Celsius, surrounded by tropical jungle and nature trail.  Emerald Pool Read more...
  • Tha Pom Klong Song Nam  during 12th day of the waxing moon to 15th day of the waning moon, the sea water will go into the canal fort, mix with fresh water in the canal becoming opaque blue and become natural phenomena as clear green streams, sparkling like some crystal rod from being replaced by fresh water. Another attraction is a root of trees along the canal meanders along its banks that are quite very quaint.  Tha Pom Klong Song Nam Read more...
  • Khao Khanabnam  The two hills are about 100 metres high on two sides of the Krabi river. Khao Khanabnam is the symbol of Krabi province. You can go along the river seeing the hills and mangrove forest or canoeing and sightseeing natural green surrounding. There’s village of Kho Klang in which local lifestyle exists. Who loves original local lifestyle should never miss.  Khao Khanabnam Read more...
  • Nopparathara Beach It is located in Nopparathara Beach National Park. The PP island group is the central harbor to travel along each island in Krabi. Its beach is find sand and small sea shells surrounded by rows of pine trees along the beach. Here is also one of the biggest habitat of Wing Shell in Krabi.  Nopparathara Beach Read more...
  • Hot running water  flows across the cool and pleasant lowland forest (exist only one in Thailand). The small waterfall which water temperature is 42 degrees celcius sometimes you will see vapor over the surface of water. It is allowed to swim but it is quite steep and slip. There is hot water pool built for tourists bath and relax. It is said that good for health as if natural spa surrounded by shady forest.  Hot running water Read more...
    Tips: Should not bath more than 20 minutes. Fitting room is available nearby hot water pool.
  • Tha Lane Gulf  The World Green Tourist place and one of the best for kayaking in the world! The magnificent nature of the mountain and the mangrove forest including animals(long-tailed Macaque and bat) which can be seen closely. It is suitable place for kayak, relax and sightseeing on holidays.  Tha Lane Gulf Read more...
  • Maya Gulf  Heaven on earth…one of big island in PP island group which is popular in foreign tourist group. It is a small in-let gulf crescent moon like-shape.Its beach is fine sand as if pearl powder and the sea is green and clear like the emerald. It is another attractive tourist place in Krabi.  Maya Gulf Read more...
  • Losama Gulf  The narrow gulf which is one of  popular places for diving in Andaman sea. The sea water is emerald green and clear that you can see various kinds of coral under water. The atmosphere is serene. The small beach for laying down and listen to the sound of the surf crashing and rolling onto the beach.  Losama Gulf Read more...
  • Phranang cave  The cave enshrined the sacred goddess which local fishermen respect. From inside the cave when you see through the entrance, you will see beautiful rows of stalactite, big sea and line of islands. It is one of the most amazing sightseeing view during sunset in Thailand.  Phranang cave Read more...
    Tips: It is windy, high wave and lots of jellyfish in rainy season.

  • Viking cave  The wide cave in which there are beautiful stalactite and stalacmite. It is also habitat of swallow and concession area for bird nest harvest. Inside the cave there’s ancient painting which is assumed the work of pirates and seamen. The demonstration of harvesting bird nest is available for tourist group.   Viking cave Read more... 


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


   Highlight in Krabi

 ‘Mu Ko Lanta Marine National Park’ consists of several important islands. The tourist season is in during November-May.

  • Ko Lanta Noi  an island has a community of Lanta’s people in the past, who still practice their traditional way of life. And there are ancient ship homes to be seen.  Ko Lanta Noi Read more...
  • Ko Lanta Yai  is a commercial center of the island. There is everything offering of services for touring. There are beautiful beaches and bays lining. There is a road cutting through the Port of Long Beach to the Mu Ko Lanta National Park Office located at the south end of the island.  Ko Lanta Yai Read more...
  • Susan Hoi  a large stone courtyard extending into the sea which has the accumulation of fossil shells becoming rocky beach along the beach. By geology calculation, the fossil approximately 40 million years ago. (Excellent!)  Susan Hoi Read more...
  • Railay Beach  a powder-white sand beach along the cliffs where is well known among tourists, particularly cliffs climbing activity. It devides as East Railay and West Railay, which is seperated by rocks. There are accommodations for tourists along the beach area.  Railay Beach Read more...
  • The Phi Phi Islands  The Islands in the sea are the sea scenary where are the most popular for tourists. Most of them arrive at the Islands to dive to see coral reefs and a variety of colorful fish. There are also another islands between sailing from Krabi to Phuket, which each island has beautiful beaches and clear water. It’s hardly to wait to swim.  The Phi Phi Islands Read more...


Don’t’ Miss

        'Wat Tham Seua' A temple is well known in Krabi Province, with the remarkable of the temple and the famous of a Buddhist Monk, Jamnean, an abbot who has been admirable and faithful. The surroundings of temple consists of forest with caves and cliff shelters. The most interesting thing that is unique and the most popular destination for tourists is   visiting to seek blessings from Goddess Guan Yin higher than 5 meters enshrined within the temple.  Wat Tham Seua Read more...


Destination Highlight  A Wonder in Thai Andaman Sea “Thalay Wak – Parting Sea”

        Separated Sea ... Unseen Thailand, that is the world famous spot. The natural wonders that can be seen during the low tide as separated sea featured the white sandbar extends a line connecting the three islands (Chicken Island - Pot Island - Tup island), and slowly sinking into the water during the high tide of the day. So this area has been known as one of the best swimming spot of Krabi Sea. The tourist season starts from November to early May of the following year.  Separated Sea Read more...

        Tips: During the sunset, there are some hen bats flying out of the cave about ten thousands for half an hour to be seen. This is another exciting miracle.


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi " 


   Shopping & Entertainment

  • Krabi Walking Street  a place where takes a walk for shopping and dining at night time. There are fully of snack shops, stores, and souvenir shops which open every Friday-Sunday, between 17:00 P.M. - 22:00 P.M.  Krabi Walking Street Read more...
  • Krabi Night Market  is in the area of Chao Fah Pier in the city of Krabi Province where is full of variety of food. This street is crowded of people, particularly the tourists looking for economized price food on this street with the length of over 200 meters.  Krabi Night Market Read more...


  Popular Restaurant

  • Ruen Mai  a local restaurant of Krabi Province focusing on natural atmosphere. A restaurant is shaded by trees, and facades in Balinese Style. Ruen Mai Read more...
    Recommended Menu: Sand Fish Fried with turmeric, Shrimp Paste (Nam Prik Kung Seab). Pak Leung in Coconut Milk (Tomkati Pak Leung).

  • An Cha Lee a restaurant in the central of the city. This is a place which is suitable for dining together wtih a family, or hanging out with friends. This restaurant gathers Southern Thai Cuisine and other Thai Cuisine which are impressed by many people.  An Cha Lee Read more...
    Recommended Menu: Yellow Curry with Snapper and Coconut, Sato with Prawn, Winged Bean Salad (Yam Thua Phu), Hoi Chak Teen.

  • Ko Klang Seafood  a fresh seafood restaurant from their own scoops. Good Taste, Fresh Food, Hygienic, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is natural, surrounding with mangrove trees, mangrove forest and Klong Prasong, connected with Andaman Sea. This makes a very beautiful view to the restaurant.  Ko Klang Seafood Read more...
    Recommended Menu: Local Southern Thai Food and Traditional Thai Food, Yellow Curry, Seaweed Salad, Crab Currry.

  • Wangsai Seafood  is one of famous seafood restaurant in Krabi, served the freshest seafood with shady atmosphere and touch the sea breeze beside Noppharatthara Beach - Ao Nang. There are 2 romantic options to be chosen by the clients between relaxing with sound of waves or enjoying the stunning scenery of sunset view  Wangsai Seafood Read more...
    Recommended menus: Tradintional Thai food/ Seafood, Wangsai Salad, Stir-fried Crab with Black Pepper

  • Ko Joi Kanom Jeen Kai Tod  It is absolutely delicious, the famous rice noodle (Kanom Jeen) restaurant in Krabi is founded for more than 15 years. The rice noodle dough is made daily and can eat with many type of side dishes such as fried chicken with fresh vegetable, it’s Yummy   Ko Joi Kanom Jeen Kai Tod Read more...
    Recommended menu: all types of rice noodle 


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


  • Ratcharos Dim Sum  the popular Dim Sum and Breakfast restaurant that have lots of Thai and foreigner clients, nowadays Ratcharos Dim Sum can increase the number of branches to the other provinces  Ratcharos Dim Sum Read more...
    Recommended menu: Chinese streamed bun, Rice porridge with fish-shrimp-pork, Steamed egg, Fried crab meat roll, Rice with Roast duck, Bha Kut Teh

  • Kruathara  the well-known restaurant in Krabi, elegant decoration with romantic atmosphere for couples who want to spend sweet time together and savour the moment with delicious menu  Kruathara Read more...
    Recommended menu: Traditional Thai food/ Seafood, Stir-fried mantis shrimp with garlic pepper, Steamed salted prawns, Stir-fried spotted babylon with Roasted Chili Past

  • Ku La Kasai  the open-air restaurant that located in the pond surrounded by lots of fish while enjoying the field atmosphere. The restaurant focus on flavorful of Thai Southern food Ku La Kasai Read more...
    Recommended menu: Fried Pork with Yellow Curry Paste, Yellow curry, boiled shrimp with coconut shoots, baked fish with herb.

  • Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood  the romantic seafood restaurant located in the mountain nearby Ao Nang. The clients will enjoy delicious meal in the open-kitchen surrounded by beautiful view of Krabi Sea especially during sunset that be engraved on one's mind.  Lae Lay Grill Spices Seafood Read more...
    Recommended menu: Fried soft-shell crab with salt, Salmon Spicy, Szechuan soup, Lae Lay seafood platter 

  • Why not bar  the vigorous bar on Ba Kun Tiang beach. This is a friendly bar that you will fall in love. The impressive live music and fire show also make you become a steady customer   Why not bar Read more...


Don’t  Miss

        ‘J Mai Ice-cream’ is the one of recommended ice-cream shop at Chao Fah Pier Night Market opened for more than 40 years. There are 2 ice-creams to be chosen between Coconut milk and Chocolate. You shouldn’t miss it.  J Mai Ice-cream Read more...


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


   Beautiful Beachfront Hotels


1. Centara Grand Beach Resort & Villas
Address : Moo 2, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Rate : 40,000 – 80,000 Baht


2. Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve
Address : Moo 3, T. Nongthalay, A. Muang, Klong Muang, Krabi, Thailand
Rate : 20,000 – 70,000 Baht


3. Zeavola Hotel
Address : Moo 8, Laemthong, Ao Nang, Muang, Laem Tong Beach, Koh Phi Phi
Rate : 19,000 – 35,000 Baht


4. Lanta Cha Da Resort
Address : Moo 1 Tambon Saladan, Klong Dao Beach, Koh Lanta
Rate : 15,000 – 80,000 Baht


5. Rayavadee Hotel
Address : Moo 2, Tambol Ao-nang, Amphur Muang, Railay, Krabi
Rate : 15,000 – 50,000 Baht

6. Rawi Warin Resort & Spa
Address : Moo 8, Lanta Yai Island, Klong Tob Beach, Koh Lanta
Rate : 6,000 – 20,000 Baht


7. The Houben Hotel
Address : Moo 5, Koh Lanta Yai, Ba Kan Tiang Bay, Koh Lanta
Rate : 25,000 – 35,000 Baht


8. Railay Great View Resort
Address : Moo 2 Aonang, Railay, Krabi, Thailand
Rate : 9,000 – 12,000 Baht


9. Costa Lanta Hotel 
Address : Moo 1, Klong Dao Beach, Koh Lanta, Thailand
Rate : 7,500 – 9,000 Baht


10. Bhu Nga Thani Resort & Spa 
Address : Moo 2 Railay East, Ao Nang, Muang, Railay, Krabi
Rate : 7,000 – 20,000 



Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


   Krabi’s Popular Souvenirs

  1. Shrimp paste
  2. Shrimp paste chili paste with crispy dried shrimp
  3. Thai fish organs sour soup
  4. Dried seafood
  5. Taosor Cake
  6. Shogun oranges
  7. Wine
  8. Batik products
  9. Accessories
  10. Coconut shell products 


          This is the paradise for tourists around the world. Besides a top class of dive sites, Krabi also have restaurants, hotels, smooth sand, gorgeous natural resources and including the charming of local people that make us draw together. So, no wonder why "Krabi" is popular with tourists all the time. 


Guide Book: Issue08

Guide Book: Issue08 " 7 Heavenly Islands @Krabi "


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