Beauty and the beach in thailand

Start Date : 18 April 2017 End Date : 17 May 2017


Beauty and the Beach in Thailand

 The beauty of the seas in Thailand... would be great not less than anywhere in the world!!


"The work is important, but the rest of the brain and body is more important."

  And then this holiday, where should we go?  If you have not found the answer yet, come on this way, we would tell you where other people go when it’s hot out like this…  “The beaches of Thailand” is the best answer.  Because you will be striking the eyes with the beauty of each beach when you have seen, you have to say Wow!  Unseen Thailand Beach!    



  “Mahya bay” is the most beautiful Bay on Phi Phi Le Island (Koh Phi Phi Le)

to the World Ranking! 




  'Maya Bay'  A Crescent Moon-shaped Coves, crystal green clear water like Emerald, soft fine-grained powdery sand, embraced by large limestone mountains karsts.   This is the highlight of the Maya Bay that everybody mentions, Heavenly Beach of the Thai and foreign tourists Read more...


Hotels near "Maya Bay"

Phi Phi Island Cabana
Start: 2,800 THB/Night

PP Princess Resort
Start: 2,500 THB/Night

PP Charlie Beach Resort
Start: 1,600 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Maya Bay

  Lie to sunbathe on the soft fine-grained powdery sand. But if anyone does not like sunbathing, you can possibly soak in the Emerald crystal green clear water in the Crescent Moon-shaped Cove to take a chic photo.

*Once visit to Maya Bay, the props must be fully packed!




  Cliff climbing, Pose beautiful postures at Rai Lay Beach 




  'Rai Lay Beach' is known as the second Phi Phi Island of Krabi Province, which is magnificent with towering cliffs.  Over here, there are many activities available for visitors to experience the exciting challenge, such as swimming, sunbathing, canoeing and cliff climbing.  That’s known as the most popular beach.   Because you will not only enjoy with various activities, but Rai Lay Beach is also the place where there is the most beautiful sunset scenic point! Read more...


Hotels near "Rai Lay Beach"

Dream Valley Resort
Start: 1,000 THB/Night

Railay Bay Resort and Spa
Start: 2,400 THB/Night

Bhu Nga Thani Resort and Spa
Start: 2,700 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Rai Lay Beach

  Due to there are so many activities to do, what’s more excellent than the highlights on the Rai Le beach is the appearance and attire must be ready.  Anyhow, there must be taking pictures including with taking beautiful images.  This activity is marvelous.  Don’t miss it!

*Once visit to Rai Lay Beach, this style of clothing must have!




  Be amazed with the miracles on "Phra Nang Beach" 




  Further to Rai Lay Beach, you will find  Phra Nang Beach (Hat Phra Nang). The beach is full of legends and amazing tales.  If you travel to Phra Nang beach in the dark night with the calm and smooth sea, you may see an amazing phenomenon which is difficult to find.  That is the phenomenon of “Phosphorescence”, whether there is anything contact with the water surface, it will flash up before gradually fading away. Read more... 


Hotels near "Phra Nang Beach"

PhraNang Inn Hotel
Start: 1,500 THB/Night

Aonang Villa Resort
Start: 2,500 THB/Night

Aonang Cliff Beach Resort
Start: 1,700 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Phra Nang Beach

  When arrive at Phra Nang Beach, you must worship the goddess shrine in the Phra Nang cave as a blessing.  In the evening, you have to wait to see the phenomenon of “Phosphorescence” in front of Phra Nang Cave Bay.

*Visit to Rai Le Beach, it would be great to wear this type of clothes!




  Living as a slow life at "Nai Han Beach" 




  'Nai Han Beach' is one of beach which has the fine-grained powdery sand.  The beach is fairly long seashore.  Since the both sides of the end of the beach is surrounded by the foothills, and also the front of the beach is the location of “Nai Han Swamp”, which is the large swamp, therefore the surrounding areas of Nai Han beach have very few buildings.   That causes Nai Han beach…is one of the beach which is relatively peaceful and uncrowded.  It is suitable for sitting and reading books comfortably to get a great sea breeze.  There is also a large windmill viewpoint where could see Nai Han Beach clearly. Read more...


Hotels near "Nai Han Beach"

Sunsuri Phuket Hotel
Start: 2,800 THB/Night

Nai Harn Beach Resort 
Start: 1,000 THB/Night

The Nai Harn
Start: 4,000 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Nai Han Beach

  Look at the picture, we believe that everyone knows what activities are the worthiest to visit.   Exactly! Take a photo at windmill viewpoint on the hill.  You will be able to see Nai Han Beach as panorama view.

*Once visit to Nai Han Beach, a good camera must have!




  Happy Family Day Party at “Nam Sai Beach” 




  'Nam Sai Beach' is the beach which is under the custody of the Navy, ROYAL THAI NAVY SEAL (Naval Special Warfare Command), Sattahip, Chonburi. Because this Nam Sai Beach is well taken care of, it makes crystal clear water, fine-grained sand, and without trash and debris.  In addition, there are very few rocks in the Nam Sai Beach area.   This is really suitable to take the family to relax during the holidays. Read more...


Hotels near "Nam Sai Beach"

Rimpu Hill Resort
Start: 1,000 THB/Night

Warasin Resort 
Start: 1,500 THB/Night

Baan Sattahip by the sea
Start: 1,200 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Nam Sai Beach

So why are you waiting for?  How cleared water it is, let’s take the kids to have a swim.  According to the safety, do not worry due to there are military officers to take care of all the time.  Rent a swim ring, and let’s do it!

*Once visit to Nam Sai Beach, don’t forget to bring the small children’s toys!






  Experience the Pak Nam Pran inhabitants’ lifestyle at “Pranburi Beach.” 




  'Pranburi Beach' is ideal for tourists who want to relax, and enjoy swimming in the sea in a private atmosphere.  Additionally, the most villagers engaged in fishery. This place allows you to explore the lifestyle of fishermen very closely as well. Read more...


Hotels near "Pranburi Beach"

Evason Hua hin Resort
Start: 4,000 THB/Night

Villa Gris Resort
Start: 2,715 THB/Night

Aleenta Resort Pranburi
Start: 7,000 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Pranburi Beach

  The recommended activities for health is bicycling to experience the lifestyle of fishermen along Pranburi Beach.  There is also a gift worthy of possession that is Sun-dried squid.

*Once visit to Pranburi Beach, don’t forget to also bring these items!




  To listen to the sound waves and enjoy reading a book at “Noppharat Thara Beach” 




  'Noppharat Thara Beach' the beach is full of rows of pine trees along the shore and is ideal for recreation very well.  Furthermore, Noppharat Thara Beach is also the habitat of wing shell, the one of the largest habitation.  (Very interesting.) Read more...


Hotels near "Noppharat Thara Beach"

Krabi Resort
Start: 3,700 THB/Night

Deevana Krabi Resort
Start: 4,500 THB/Night

Aree Tara Resort
Start: 1,800 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Noppharat Thara Beach

  Scenic Cruise on the beauty of the various islands in Krabi. Because Noppharat Thara Beach is the office of Noppharat Thara National Park - Phi Phi Islands provides a cruise travel service to various islands in Krabi unlimitedly over here.

*Once visit to Noppharat Thara Beach, wearing this kind of shirts guaranteed to be remarkable!




  "Ao Khao Kwai" (Khao Kwai Bay/Buffalo Bay).  This name has origin! Be dazzled

by the beauty of the sea in Ranong. 




  Ao Khao Kwai of the sea of Ranong is the semicircular cove similar to a buffalo horn.  It is the origin of the name of “Ao Khao Kwai (Buffalo Bay).”  Not only the shapes of stunning beautiful beaches that attract the visitor's heart to fall in love, but Ao Khao Kwai area also has a white sandy beach and fine-grained sand.  The surrounding sea is crystal clear blue water that would be able to swim and snorkel to see under the sea coral easily. Read more...


Hotels near "Ao Khao Kwai"

Heaven Beach Resort and Art
Start: 2,500 THB/Night

Phuree Hut
Start: 1,300 THB/Night

The Blue Sky Resort Koh Payam
Start: 2,200 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Ao Khao Kwai

  At low tide is the highlight here!   Because you can see the northern end of the bay is rocky.  The far southern end of the beach is a wide sandy beaches stretch to mangrove forest of Morgan Village (a small sea gypsy settlement).

*Once visit to Ao Khao Kwai, these devices must have!




  Let’s go have a look a beach with beautiful pebbles in various striking colors

like paintings at “Hat Hin Ngam” 




  'Hin Ngam Beach' It is a rocky beach lined with long curved beaches, paralleled to the sea waves crashing sea water to shore, the gold grainy sand featuring with the rocks, contrast with the blue sea and the horizon, and shaded by the trees around the beach.  It is the ultimate ideal for the sea lovers. Read more...


Hotels near "Hin Ngam Beach"

LaLaanta Hideaway Resort
Start: 4,000 THB/Night

Anda Lanta Resort 
Start: 1,800 THB/Night

Rawi Warin Resort Spa
Start: 3,500 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Hin Ngam Beach

  Anyone who is passionate about the art must fall in love. Because this place is peaceful and colorful, that is suitable for secretly sitting to paint quietly.  However, anyone who loves adventure, there would also be canoeing to be available as well

*Once visit to Hat Hin Ngam, do not let to lack of drawing tools!



  Go to watch the beautiful sunset that is indescribable at “Ao Pramong”

(Fishing Bay/Sunset Beach) 




  'Ao Pramong' or Sunset Beach is a part of Koh Lipe, Satun Province.  It is a small island with peaceful, surrounded by lush green mountains.  And there is also white sandy beach stretching out a little.  This would let us shoot out to take beautiful pictures among crystal blue waters too. Read more...


Hotels near "Ao Pramong"

Akira Lipe Resort
Start: 4,000 THB/Night

Bundhaya Villas
Start: 5,015 THB/Night

Idyllic Concept Resort Satun
Start: 5,500 THB/Night


 The most highlights at Sunset Beach

  Don't miss it! with the sunset viewpoint that’s so beautiful beyond description.  It would be an impressive image that you absolutely never forget.

*Once visit to Sunset Beach, this set of camera devices would be appropriate!




  Thailand also has many beautiful beaches waiting for you to experience the atmosphere, food and way of life of fishermen.  That would be the most interesting being valuable to visit.  Then you may realize that “The beaches of Thailand would be great not less than anywhere in the world.”