Phuket Airport Public transportation (Phuket Airport Bus)

Public Transport

Public transport
At present, the airport does not allow public tricycles and cars without passengers to enter into the terminal area. Please exit the airport areas to access public bicycles and cars. For hotel guests, hotel limousines are provided for every flight.
Transit and Transfer Service
The transit area is situated in the same area of the international departure lounge.

Transportation services

Transportation services
enter the city
Kata, Rawai
VIP Limousine
1st floor hall
1st floor hall
1st floor hall
1st floor hall
Airport Bus
1st , 2nd floor hall 


Service point
Limousine and car rental are available at the airport. Passengers can contact Request service at the vehicle service counter. Inbound terminal And here passengers can get more information for. Bus service timetable Small bus and microbus
Phuket Airport Bus Phuket Airport Shuttle Transportation service for people from the airport - Bus Terminal in Phuket Town, both inbound and inbound. And polite service
รถรับส่งสนามบินภูเก็ต ภูเก็ตแอร์พอร์ตบัส

Can be picked up at Phuket International Airport 2 points together.

  • Point 1 - inbound exit terminal (Leave the building, turn left)
  • Point 2 - Burger King Exit Off (Take the elevator to 2nd floor Left the building, turn left)


Bus route From Phuket Airport - Phuket Airport - Phuket Airport


Time table

Departure time
6.30 / 8.45 / 10.15 / 11.45 / 12.45 / 13.30 / 14.30 / 16.00 / 17.00 / 18.15 / 19.15 / 20.45

Time out of Phuket Town
5.30 / 7.00 / 8.00 / 9.00 / 10.00 / 11.45 / 13.00 / 14.30 / 15.30 / 16.30 / 17.00 / 18.30

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Limousine rentals
Limousine tickets are available at the car rental counter on the 1st floor of the arrival hall.

Car rental
The car rental service is available in 2 locations: North The south end of the arrivals hall. 
Moreover, you are able to book other transportations such as train, ferry, bus, van and flight ticket.  click here
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