Top Budget Hotels in Krabi

Top Budget Hotels in Krabi

 Top Budget Hotels in Krabi

    Who's that need to cost the earth! Krabi Surrounded by numerous hotels to accommodate visitors from around the world. The hotel's rooms are extremely comfortable and reasonably priced, we will take them to visit me today. Look, it's just a lie. Then I saw the news, express check-in !!



 Red Ginger Chic Resort

Address: Moo 3, Ao Nang. Muang. Krabi
Price: 5000-25000 ฿ (Agoda 1,500 – 5,000฿)

    'Red Ginger Chic Resort' to stay closer to the center of Ao Nang, with its vibrant. Relax to the nature of the Andaman Sea. Secluded beaches It is a paradise for those who love diving and kayaking. The rooms have been designed by a contemporary style. Drench and enjoy the surroundings.




 Apple A Day Resort

Address: Moo 3 Tambon Ao Nang Soi 8. Ao Nang. Muang. Krabi.
Price: 3500-7000 ฿ (Agoda 1,400 – 3,200฿)

    'Apple A Day Resorts' hotel destinations Krabi has been recognized by the tourists for the holidays. Was a special Furnishings, artwork Simple but stylish With facilities and services provided by the hotel.




 Aonang Viva Resort

Address: Moo 3 Tambon Ao Nang Soi 8. Muang. Krabi.
Price: 4000-6000 ฿  (Agoda 1,200 – 2,500฿)

    'Ao Nang Viva Resorts' modern resort that blends seamlessly with nature. Unique and style like no other. With facilities and friendly service under the slogan 'Your happiness is our happiness.




 The Phu Beach Hotel

Address: Moo 5, Ao Nang. City of Nopparat Thara Beach, Krabi
Price: 2000-6000 ฿ (Agoda 900 – 3,000฿)

    'The Phu Beach Hotel' offers in Ao Nang. You can enjoy dining and personal service of the hotel. The rooms are cozy feel at home. With facilities that are fully equipped.




 Marina Express - Fisherman Hotel - Ao Nang

Address: Moo 2, Ao Nang. Muang. Krabi.
Price: 6000-7500 ฿ (Agoda 1,000 - 2,500฿)

    'Marina Express Fisherman Hotel Ao Nang' accommodation has influenced the lifestyle of fishermen. There are beautiful views of Ao Nang With facilities and personal service. It was a memorable travel experience for you and your loved ones.




 Mini House Aonang

Address:. Ao Nang. Muang. Krabi.
Price: 3500-5000 ฿ (Agoda 1,600 – 2,500฿)

    'Mini House Ao Nang' boutique resort. With facilities and personal service. Such as restaurants Serving breakfast And a beautiful garden to relax All this you can enjoy the tranquil resort offers.




 Isle Beach Resort

Address: Moo 3 Tambon Klong Muang Beach. Nongtalay Krabi, Krabi
Price: 3500-4500 ฿ (Agoda 1,000 – 1,200฿)

    'Isle Beach Resort' accommodation on a quiet location. For those who want peace and privacy. The room was up to date and modern amenities. Thailand International Restaurant and the beach and stunning views of the Andaman Sea. The attention from the staff of the resort.




 Phi Phi Sea Sky Resort

Address:. Ao Nang Phi Phi Island, Krabi
Price: 2,500 ฿ (Agoda 1,200฿)

    'Phi Phi Sea Sky Resort' dream resort at reasonable prices. Ideal for travelers who are looking for fun activities and relaxing holiday. Combining stunning views of tropical gardens and ocean. Breakfast with elegant design But with identity Thailand.




 ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang

Address: Street Ao Nang - Krabi's. Ao Nang, Krabi
Price: 1200-5000 ฿ (Agoda 1,000 – 2,000฿)

    'Ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang' accommodation in the heart of Krabi. The happiness and personal service for you and your family. The room is private. Suitable for the whole family Along with equipment and facilities. The hotel also offers much more. That meet the lifestyle as well.




 Snoozz Hotel

Address: 6 Soi Maharaj Road., Muang. Krabi
Price: 800-2800 ฿ (Agoda 300 – 1,500)

    'Snoozz Hotel' accommodation in the heart of the city that cater to leisure and affordable as well. This elegant Rooms with either double or single beds. With facilities and personal service comparable hotels.



Recommend Hotel

Hogwarts Hostel

Location: Great Road Soi 10. Inlet. Muang. Krabi
Price: 900-1500 ฿ (Agoda 300 – 600฿)

'Hogwarts Hostel' accommodation in Krabi town. Feeling like the atmosphere in the town wizard Harry Potter did not matter
The rooms feature a double bed. There is a common lounge area are available. Our goal is to stay on a budget quite well.


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