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   Getting to Phuket Airport

      Many people may doubt how can they get to the airport, today we will answer all those suspicions. Basically, there are many ways to get to Phuket Airport. It depends on each person convenience so selecting the one which suit you as the following. 

  • Personal Car : This is the most convenient way to get to Phuket Airport. The airport does not far from Chiang Mai downtown. It is easy getting the airport, we choose the fastest way for you to get there as followed.

    -  Start from Phuket downtown, use the route Damrong road number 402 toward to Thep-Ka-Sat-Tree road and straight forward to Ta-Lang district around 27 kilometers then turn left to road number 4026 go ahead around 4 kilometers then turn right to road number 4031, The Phuket airport is on the left-hand side.

  • Public Van : This transportation suits for the budget travelers because the fees is no more than 100 baht direct to Airport. The travelers can find the ticket around Patong beach and also make an appointment for the pick-up point. 
  • Airport Bus This transportation is a good option for tourists because of its fee and facility. Find out more about time schedule here Read more
  • Phuket Taxi :  This is an alternative choice for the passengers who are in the rush hour, passengers with many belongings, family group. The option is able to answer these passenger’s requirement perfectly otherwise, its price quite expensive. For more information.
  • Limousine : Another convenient way to Phuket Airport, the passenger can reserve the Phuket limousine online 7/24 hours to check travel date, time, limousine types by themselves. For more information. click here



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   Getting to Phuket Downtown

       For the one who never come to visit Phuket, they might ask a question how to go to Phuket Down Town. In fact, the airport was located pretty far from the city and near the border to Phangnga province (map) so getting to the Phuket airport, tourists have to drive around up to 30 kilometers.

Recommended transportations to Phuket attractions 


  • From Phuket Airport to Patong Beach around 42 kilometers               
  • From Phuket Airport to downtown around 33 kilometers                      
  • From Phuket Airport to Karon Beach around 44 kilometers                 
  • From Phuket Airport to Bus Ticket around 35 kilometers                       
  • From Phuket Airport to Laem Phromthep around 50 kilometers          
  • From Phuket Airport to Kata Beach around 51 kilometers                    
  • From Phuket Airport to Chino Portuguese around 32 kilometers          
  • From Phuket Airport to Laem Panwa around 45 kilometers                  

              For the budget travelers, the Phuket Airport Shuttle Bus may be the best option to Phuket city with a low cost. Furthermore, both of Thai and foreign tourists also can enjoy with the scenery on the way go and back to Phuket Airport.



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