Steps for Booking Tours & Attractions


6  Steps for Booking Tours & Attractions with Airport (AOT)


  Find the country and city needs.
  The system displays the sights of the city. Select preferred location
  Select Tour Date
  Booking Confirmation
  Fill out the required information And pay online
  Reservations success! 

** Show the reservation transaction to get the car according to pick-up date and location you have selected. **


Instructions step-by-step and photo description ...

  Find the country and city needs.  

  • Select the desired dates and destinations. Search

  Destination Search

  • The page will show the sights to check the time on the tour was pleasant and then press "Book"

  Select Tour Date

• The page will recommend that place. Along with your contact details Select the day you want to go. The number of people identified As already indicated,
press "Check Price"


  Booking Confirmation

• Web site shows prices Travel period and the number of people checking the authenticity press "Book"

  Enter your details and pay

• The page will enter confirmation. Fill in the details of travelers And payment channels 
• Check the accuracy of the information again and press the "Confirm Booking" completing your reservation.


  Reservations success!!

  • You will enter the reservation tours and attractions. (Confirmation) successfully treated here.

Tips. Do not forget to print or save a document received confirmation from the evidence here.



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