6 Steps for hotel reservation with Airport (AOT)

Steps for Hotel Reservation


  6  Steps for hotel reservation with Airport (AOT)

  Country and desired city hotel on the day of arrival.
  Choose your hotel by searching specified in Article 1.
  Select the desired room
  Fill in the information of the guests correctly.
  Process payment online by filling in your credit card detail (Visa or Master card).
  Reservation Success! 

** Show the reservation transaction to get the car according to pick-up date and location you have selected. **


Instructions step-by-step and photo description ...

  Nationality - date - the number of nights stay.
• Select the desired Or to identify the province Select the number of days to a few nights, then press  Search”

  Choose your hotel
• The page will display hotels that have the search above. With a starting price per night
• Choose Hotel Booking press "View Deal" to book the hotel.

  Find Rooms
• The screen displays details of the hotel room of your choice.
• To book a room And check out the full details and press "Reserve" Straight To book a room.


  Fill guests
• Check the details of your reservation. (Location - Rooms - days - price) and the price (at right).
• And enter details of the guest (name, email, phone number, country) is correct, then press the "Next".



  Process payment online by filling in your credit card detail (Visa or Master card).
• Step into the payments. Should ensure that the information is correct or not.
• Select pay by credit card Visa or Master card only. Complete the credit card detail.
• then click "Submit Booking" to finish the reservation.


  Reservation success!
• You will be taken to the confirmation page. Web page says "Booking Complete" is successful you ^ _ ^.

Tips. Do not forget to print or save a document received confirmation from the evidence here.

*The confirmation e-mail will be delivered to your e-mail you have entered in step 4.*


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